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I launched BRAME in Great Britain ten years ago on 24 April 1995. Following the success of BRAME in Britain, in November 1995 I took the campaign to the World Medical Conference on ME/CFS in Brussels, as a result, the idea was taken back to 12 countries around the world, some of whom have since initiated the BRAME campaign with enormous success. BRAME has now created a worldwide network and is in contact with 21 countries around the world.

BRAME is an integral and active participant in International ME/CFS Awareness Day on May 12, a time when the universal symbol of the Blue Ribbon, or the BRAME enamel badge, is worn and promoted around the world.

As a result of the BRAME meeting in Parliament on 14 May 1998 an All Party Parliamentary Group on ME was set up in the UK Parliament, and the Chief Medical Officer announced in July 1998 the setting up of a Working Group on ME/CFS. I was a patient representative on the Key Group and the report was published on 11 January 2002, my response to which can be found on this website.

BRAME continues to work with Government agencies eg. The Department of Work and Pensions and the Food Standards Agency.  From March 2005 I became a patient representative on the NICE Guidelines Development Group on CFS/ME.

BRAME's patrons are the Countess of Mar, who fights for the rights of those affected by ME, CFS and OP poisoning (amongst other issues) in the House of Lords, and Anthony D Wright MP for Great Yarmouth, who is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME.  Our medical advisors are Dr E Dowsett MB, ChB, Dip. Bac, who has been researching and looking after people with ME for over 50 years and Dr T Mitchell MA, MD, FRC Path who has run a ME/CFS Clinic in Norfolk and Suffolk for over 15 years, both of our medical advisors have seen thousands of patients with ME/CFS.

BRAME is really working in stimulating conversation about ME/CFS, offering an opportunity to educate society in general, creating a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.

The BRAME campaign has also become a means of raising funds. These funds are being used to continue to promote the aims of BRAME with excess funds being donated to research.

By wearing your Blue Ribbon or BRAME enamel badge you are supporting all those affected by ME/CFS around the world, as well as helping to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS. You are also participating in what has truly become a Worldwide ME/CFS Awareness Campaign.

Tanya Harrison - Chairperson BRAME

Aims of BRAME

To create awareness and understanding that ME/CFS is a very real, and for many, a very debilitating illness.

To publicise and create awareness of the severity and widespread nature of the illness.

To publicise and create awareness of the consequences of living with ME/CFS for the sufferer, carer and the whole family unit and to highlight their needs.

To generally offer support, understanding and friendship to those affected by ME/CFS.

Through publicity reach as many sufferers and carers of ME/CFS as possible, as they often feel quite isolated by the debilitation of the ME/CFS, and the scepticism they often face.

To stimulate discussion and subsequent understanding of ME/CFS.

To increase awareness of ME/CFS amongst

- members of the medical profession

- educationalists

- employers

- politicians

- society in general

To promote the international links with individuals, groups, medical professionals and researchers in ME/CFS or ME/CFS linked illnesses.

To support, help and develop the BRAME campaign around the world using the Blue Ribbon and BRAME enamel badge as universal symbols to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.

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