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Links Page

UK Support Groups

The 25% ME Group was set up to offer support services to those severely affected by ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and their carers.



The ME Association (The MEA) provides information and support, education and training. This service benefits people with ME (myalgic encephalopathy)/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and PVFS (post viral fatigue syndrome), professionals and all others interested in the illness.



A support group for people with ME which has links to local support groups throughout the UK.



Tymes Trust is the longest established national UK service for children and young people with ME and their families.



A UK-based independent registered charity dedicated to giving help, friendship, support and vital contact to children and young people with ME.


Leeds based charity which raises money and awareness.
Independent charity set up to support people with ME in Sheffield and surrounding districts, and to raise awareness of the illness.

World Support Groups

This page has links and contact details for groups all over Europe.

The Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation is a non-profit institution. The Foundation works independently in a spirit of support and cooperation with all researchers, institutions and ME/CFS societies to advance scientific knowledge and medical care. The Foundation is an enduring memorial to Alison Hunter and all those whose lives have been devastated by ME/CFS. Alison died in 1996, aged 19, from complications arising from ME/CFS. Such complications are rare and only present in a severe subgroup. Alison courageously fought ME/CFS for ten years and was an unstinting advocate for young people.


ME/CFS/FM Support Association Toowoomba Inc


National M.E/FMS Country Network Australia


South Australian Youth With ME/CFS (SAYME)


New Zealand


Associated New Zealand ME Society




National CFIDS Foundation


This group has a superb newsletter with all the latest research news.




It is this group that created International ME Awareness Day on May 12.


CFIDS Association of America


CFIDS/ME Information Page




National ME/FM Action Network




CFS Network Japan



This is an excellent foundation which is committed to uncovering the aetiology and pathogenesis (cause and development) of this debilitating illness.



MERGE is the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Group for Education and Support. The charity’s principal aim is to commission and fund scientific investigation into the causes, consequences and treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and related conditions.



This group is Canada based, run by Dr Byron Hyde, and dedicated to the study and treatment of ME/CFS. They produce what is commonly known as the "ME Bible".



Gary Frankum was a top speedway rider before he was struck down with ME. He now campaigns to have the illness more widely accepted. Gary is a great supporter of BRAME. 


David Axford


This site has medical information written by Dr Ellen Goudsmit as well as research updates and a good links page.

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