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12 May 2005

Due to an unexpected death in the family we were unable to attend any of the rallies on 12 May due to having to attend the funeral. For May 12, as well as meeting with Gordon Brown, we wrote to Tony Blair, David Blunkett (the new DWP Minister), Patricia Hodge (the new Health Minister), Sir Liam Donaldson CMO, the Medical Research Council, and Senior Mangement of the DWP, amongst others, we did not send out information to all MPs this year due to the general election. Our current newsletter was sent out to groups and individuals in both the UK and around the world and can be found on this website under ‘Update 2005’. We fully supported the activities below which were held on the 12 May.

For 12 May 2005 there were two Rallies organised by Trevor Wainwright/MERSC. One Rally took place outside the Department of Health and the Houses of Parliament, the other was outside the Medical Research Council – you can read Trevor’s account of the day on the MERSC website.

On the morning of 12 May Gary Frankum took part in an interview about ME on Sky News along with Dr Basant Puri. This was a very good interview which you can read about on Gary’s website, or see on Trevor’s website. Professor Puri is a consultant at Hammersmith Hospital and Head of the Lipid Neuroscience Group at Imperial College, and has just published the book: "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Natural Way to Treat M.E." about ME/CFS and EPA/Essential Fatty Acids, a good review of which can be found on the Network Mesh website.

For the 2005 ME Awareness Week, the ME Alliance in the UK launched their "Early Diagnosis" Campaign, which aims at getting medical professionals to diagnose adults within 6 months and children within 3 months. To find out more about this campaign check out some of the member groups’ websites from our links page (MEA, AFME, AYME, TYMES Trust).


12 May 2004

On 12 May 2004 we attended the rally organised by CAME and the MEA. This started with a rally outside the Department of Health, during which the CMO Sir Liam Donaldson tried to sneak past, although he couldn’t escape my Mother as she spotted him. The day continued with myself, and others, presenting documents to Number 10 Downing Street. This was then followed by a walk/wheel to the Houses of Parliament to meet with your MPs. Given that Tony Wright MP (Chair of the APPG on ME) is also my local MP, we had the opportunity of a private meeting in order to discuss the problems of those affected by ME. Tony then joined the rest of the group for a fervent question and answer session, which was also attended by the Countess of Mar (Tony and the Countess are BRAME’s patrons). Following the day’s events, BRAME had the opportunity to have a constructive meeting with the Countess of Mar in the House of Lords. A rally will be held in London on 12 May 2005, organised by MERSC.

In May 2004 we again wrote to every MP in the UK, as we have since May 1996, in time for ME Awareness Day on 12 May, enclosing a Blue Ribbon, information on ME and our BRAME literature. Please continue to write to your MPs sending a copy to the APPG on ME, for their information. The APPG can only be effective if they have the support of your MP, they can do this by becoming a member of the APPG on ME, and if they hear from you, the people affected by this debilitating illness.

BRAME also supported the MEA Petition for research into the organic aetiology and pathogenesis of ME, as well as the 12 May Rally.

The exertion of attending the May 12 Rally had an enormous impact on my health. I am still feeling the effects and repercussions a year later, and have been seriously ill following the day.

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